Antonya Johnson’s practice as an attorney takes her within close proximity of all types of offenders. Johnson works as an Assistant State Attorney in the Office of the State Attorney 17th Judicial Circuit, in the Career Criminal Unit.  She practices in Broward County and has done so for the past nine years, serving the community in the fight against heinous crimes such as sexual battery and homicide.

A two-time graduate of Florida A&M University, first earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and then her Juris Doctor in 2006, Johnson began her practice of law at the State Attorney’s Office. She left the State Attorney’s Office briefly for private practice with the Arias Law Group, P.A., but returned to serve the people of Broward County.  She has been the attorney for more than 60 jury trials, including those trying Capital Sexual Battery, Attempted Murder, and Traffic Homicide.

Her legal expertise extends beyond criminal cases. Johnson has litigated real estate matters, represented financial institutions in creditor disputes and dealt in insurance litigation. Her passion however is protecting the people in her community from those who would do them bodily harm.

In addition to practicing law, Johnson has served as the 2013-2014 President of the T.J. Reddick Bar Association.  She was honored in 2014 by Sun Sentinel Legacy Magazine as one of its 25 Most Influential Black Women in Business and Leadership.  Johnson also works with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Florida A&M University College of Law is proud to say Antonya Johnson is the recipient of the College’s first Distinguished alumni Award for Extraordinary Public Service.